5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Interactions
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5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Interactions

  1. Be clear about your goals and desired outcomes. Start with the end game in mind.  Seeing your goal is half the battle.  Now you just have to get there. Know what action you want your audience to perform once they see your content or reach your page.  Make sure that the message is clear and simple.  Create funnels to direct web traffic.  Keep delivering valuable content.
  2. Know your audience.  In order to deliver the right content you must first know your audience.  You need to know who they are, what are their needs, why they follow you and how did they find you.  You do this by researching every new follower until you understand your niche.   Once this is done, it gives a better understanding of what your audience wants so that you can deliver more of that.
  3. Speak directly to your audience.  Your followers follow you for a reason.  Use this reason to make every post valuable and every interaction meaningful.  Appeal to your audiences needs with the information that you give away.  Make emotional connections with your audience.
  4. Have a structured follow up plan.  When someone takes the time to follow you, you should send that person a message acknowledging that deed.  This can be structured in a way that all you have to do is insert particular elements pertaining to the follower.   This is also a good way of converting followers into leads.
  5. Let your audience connect with the real you.  Be vulnerable.   Show the human side of you.  It’s evident that your audience already likes you so be authentic.  You fan only fake it for so long so it is best to start off and stay this way.

30 Hashtags For Fashion Bloggers

  1. #fashionblog
  2. #fashionable
  3. #styleblogger
  4. #styleblog
  5. #fashionstyle
  6. #fashiondiaries
  7. #fashionaddict
  8. #fashionpost
  9. #fashiongram
  10. #fashionlover
  11. #fashiondaily
  12. #fashionweek
  13. #fblogger
  14. #outfitoftheday
  15. #styleoftheday
  16. #blog
  17. #lookbook
  18. #instastyle
  19. #stylish
  20. #fashionshow
  21. #fashiondesigner
  22. #wiw
  23. #fashionphotography
  24. #streetfashion
  25. #fashionstylist
  26. #fashiondesign
  27. #styleinspiration
  28. #whatiwore
  29. #lookoftheday
  30. #outfitpost

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