Creating the “Right” way
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Creating the “Right” way

In our previous post this week we provided an overview of what Right Brain Marketing is from a high level. Today, we will dive a bit deeper as it relates to you and members of your team on the way you market to your customers.

As we stated previously, the right side of the brain looks at visual reference as a whole, whether it be a landscape, object, or piece of artwork, and then works its way into noticing finer details. They are more emotional, swayed by feelings, and are able to better understand and reflect on these feelings. Furthermore, right-brained thinkers are very intuitive and curious about the world.

Let’s use Google for an example to showcase this concept.
When you think of Google what are the words that first come to your head? Creative…innovative…?
What generates that kind of response? Think about the ads you see for Google products of all kinds…it’s a clear message—a right-brained creative, technology-savvy company designed to appeal on emotion and the “cool factor”. Its the TOP search engine used in the world today

Take a look at this ad for Google Home

93 percent of buyers said they focus on visual appearance, and close to 85 percent claim color is a primary reason when they make a purchase!

In this webpage and much of Google’s overall design, there is quite a bit of white space used to aid in the page flow. White space helps spark creativity since it can be perceived as an unaltered, clean state. The page compels the user to read and think about the pleasurable lifestyle Google Home with allow them to experience daily.

Google gets the message loud and clear—products can’t just be cool and they can’t just be coolly focused and logical. The best companies (and individuals) get it and realize that their products and brand need to create a sense of emotion and grant the user a timeless customer experience

Next week, we will start to focus in on left brain marketing and how it is different from right brain marketing. We will show how marketers use tactics to cater to the left brain centric audience

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