The Right Brain Thinker
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The Right Brain Thinker

The Scientific Experts have long theorized there to be a difference between the left and right side of the brain.  The right side is responsible for emotion and creativity while the left side prefers to handle detail and implementation.  The left being more analytical while the right is artistic.

In the marketing world, there is a similar divide between emotion based, artistic marketing and value-based practical marketing. This divide determines the type of campaigns you design and more importantly determines how you would prefer to be influenced.  The marketers that design these ads can be considered Left and Right Brain Marketers/Thinkers.  For now, let’s keep our focus on the fun-loving Right Brain Marketer.

Right Brain Marketers focus on designing robust content-driven user interfaces and personality-rich social media campaigns to spread brand awareness.  This “personality type” tends to look beyond the numbers and tools to find ways to better connect with people.  Right Brain Marketers use social media to personally connect with their audience to convert them into champions for the business and to distinguish itself from its less social competitors.  The Right Brain Marketer has the ability to connect and genuinely engage with people using their creativity to tell stories that touch hearts, that can be empathized with.  These are real things that can not be measured with math or science, therefore accountability will be an issue for this approach.  As the Right Brain Marketer always says, “Marketing is an art, not a science.  Its impact is measured with brand loyalty and perception.  It can’t always be measured with math.”

Thursday, we will delve deeper into the digital marketing aspect of Right Brain thinking.  For now,  Check out our eBook here on Hashtagging which is both left and right brain strategy( Whole Brain ).  However it leans more to more to the right as the thought that goes into this type of strategy is based more on trends, wants, and feelings through these things can and should be quantified and calculated.

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