How To Use A Project Management Tool With Your Designer
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How To Use A Project Management Tool With Your Designer

If you have several clients and projects that you are juggling at once, you know how important it is to use a project management tool to keep you on track. A project management tool that would help you to stay organized, collaborate in real time with your client and keep up with the current tasks at hand for your team members

Workflow tools help you track tasks and projects as they move through various stages of your process. These products often employ a Kanban board and cards as a framework for visualizing work in progress. Similar to a to-do list, a workflow tool isn’t all that complex, but it can be invaluable over the course of a project

How We Get Ahead in our Work Process


The tool we use the most for our projects is Trello. We have found this to be an awesome asset for our team. Trello isn’t your average project management tool, instead this app is a free visual way to glance at the entire project with a single view. With Trello you can organise cards, these cards can be your thoughts, conversations and to-do lists and be placed on a board for everyone to collaborate on

In addition to Trello, Asana is an amazing software tool to manage work intake for your designers. You can manage and review requests and feedback, and prioritize work to stop bottlenecks so designers can do what they do best. Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work so everyone knows who’s doing what, by when. With tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards, Asana keeps your work organized, and teammates accountable so you can move work forward faster. Asana also lets you keep track of your work wherever you are with mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Lastly, whether you’re managing large projects full of interdependent tasks or simply trying to build a repeatable process for your day-to-day work, life will be much simpler if you use one of the project management tools. It can streamline your overall project timeline and not let simple things fall through the cracks to allow for headaches later.

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